Behmor AB
Coffee Roaster

Easy to get amazing results at home
Watch the Roast Progress with the Internal Light
Large Capacity  between 100g - 400g per Batch
Afterburner minimises smoke during roasting
Compact Size - 45cm X 25cm X 30cm
Easily selectable internal roast profiles
Manual override for custom profiles
Internal Chaff Collector

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New Zealand

RRP $649 (AUD)
RRP $449 (USD)

Latest model in stock now

1kg roaster

Coming Late 2021

Where to buy?

Behmor Official Regional Distributors:
Australia - CoffeeSnobs
Indonesia - Darmawan
New Zealand - Green Bean House
Singapore - HS Coffee

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For more than 10 years CoffeeSnobs have distributed Behmor products around Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and many other countries all around the world.
Join the thousands of happy home roasters discussing their coffee roasting tips and tricks on the CoffeeSnobs Forums where you can also purchase Australia's largest range of specialty green coffee beans in small quantities delivered to your door.
Happy Roasting!